This Is Dating

Promising - Work In Progress

If you have issues with how the show is formatted on Apple podcasts, I recommend Spotify. That’s how I listen to this podcast and I haven’t run into any of the issues other people have addressed (free, receive all episodes)

I’ve been following Logan Ury’s work this year which is how I tuned into This is Dating. Many of my friends have recommended it as well. While I have some complaints, overall, I enjoy this podcast. The episodes are short, I love eavesdropping on the dates, the daters are diverse, the hosts are cute and I really like Logan’s insight (though it’s more limited than I expected). Starting a new podcast isn’t easy and I appreciate how professional this sounds while also taking a different set up than a lot of podcasts that are out there right now. If I had one actionable critique - I’d love to listen to one dates story at a time instead of bouncing around. Once I’m invested, I’m curious to learn more of *that* persons journey. Either way, I find I relate to the dating scenes portrayed which makes me sad as a dater but happy to know I’m not alone in my experiences.

March 22, 2022 by PodcastGoose on Apple Podcasts

This Is Dating