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Very little material for the subscription fee. Need something every couple of days.

Please get more people on dates. Is Khan going on a second date?

Also, I’m here for Laverne Cox

I love this show. It’s my therapy session.


I enjoyed the different venue of my normal podcast listening. I really enjoyed the context of and the banter after the questions. The hosts really do show up with interesting and thought provoking subjects Looking forward to hearing more from others thus making me learn more about myself.

Best podcast dating show!

Love the format! Can’t wait for the next episode.

More please

Please make more episodes! I love the psychology of this.

So fun, interesting and intriguing.

I didn’t know I was going to love it this much. I was hooked. Now I want to be on the show.

Love it!

This show is so great and helpful for me. I’m tempted to send an email to be set up because I need help in dating. I’m so bad at it

Great New Podcast!

Super fun listening to these first dates! Serious questions, well produced, if I wasn’t married I’d love to go on a date like this!

Genius dating podcast!

Unlike other dating podcasts I’ve come across, this once is neither overly self-helpy or played for laughs or tears. Loved the combo of good storytelling with inputs from a dating expert and the producer-hosts. Fun and relatable stuff, even for this divorcee significantly older than any of the daters featured in the early episodes. Looking forward to more!

One of a kind dating podcast

Innovative, and thoroughly different dating show / podcast. Really excited to keep listening!

A gem!!! Highly recommend it!

This podcast is literally all of us and all of our dating experiences in this unprecedented time. It’s amazing to see a reflection of my dating experiences through these stories and I can’t wait for more!


I listened to the first episode yesterday and throughly enjoyed it! It was a fun and easy listen. And an interesting, cool way to get an inside look into what dating is like during a time like this. I also liked how the producers guided the people dating and the listeners through the journey