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Love it!

This show is so great and helpful for me. I’m tempted to send an email to be set up because I need help in dating. I’m so bad at it

Great New Podcast!

Super fun listening to these first dates! Serious questions, well produced, if I wasn’t married I’d love to go on a date like this!

Genius dating podcast!

Unlike other dating podcasts I’ve come across, this once is neither overly self-helpy or played for laughs or tears. Loved the combo of good storytelling with inputs from a dating expert and the producer-hosts. Fun and relatable stuff, even for this divorcee significantly older than any of the daters featured in the early episodes. Looking forward to more!

One of a kind dating podcast

Innovative, and thoroughly different dating show / podcast. Really excited to keep listening!

A gem!!! Highly recommend it!

This podcast is literally all of us and all of our dating experiences in this unprecedented time. It’s amazing to see a reflection of my dating experiences through these stories and I can’t wait for more!


I listened to the first episode yesterday and throughly enjoyed it! It was a fun and easy listen. And an interesting, cool way to get an inside look into what dating is like during a time like this. I also liked how the producers guided the people dating and the listeners through the journey